Photographer’s Bio


Hey I’m Tarah. Im a St. Augustine, Florida photographer who photographs families, engagements, weddings, and portraits! 

Here’s a little about me.  I’m an Island native raised in Florida. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Art with a concentration in Art History and a Minor in drawing, painting and printmaking from the University of North Florida. I’ve always liked taking photos of friends and family and sharing them as a hobby.But my love for photography didn’t fully bloom until I took a black and white film photography class in college. I loved learning about the art of 35mm film. I spent many hours in the dark room developing and processing my film. Analyzing grain, fine tuning sharpness debating the use of intentional blur was truly a labor of love. One of the first pinnacle points of my romance with photography came from a photo assignment I featured my friend Karina in. Karina has a beautiful spirit and is very energetic! Her light shines on everyone she meets! When Karina was younger was a key player on the Mexican national soccer team. While apart of the team she played soccer all over the world. Now she spends some of her free time coaching youths when she is not working at her hospitality career. I wanted to tell the story of her dynamic life through my 2-D medium so that everyone can see the other storylines in Karina life. Because some people have multiple story lines in their life and these stories can over shadow one or the other and become lost. And I did! Karina loved the graphic narration of her soccer career and love for the game!

I like sushi, hot tea and sweet tea, and indulging my current Netflix addiction on the weekends. I’m always up for checking out new restaurants. I enjoy going to exhibit openings at the MOCA of downtown Jacksonville and visiting the lovely gardens of the Cummer museum of Art and gardens.