Frequently Asked Questions 

About Tarah Wellington Visuals

  • Q: Where are you located?… A: St. Augustine

  • Q: what is the best way to contact you?… A: the best to contact me is by filling out the contact form and I will reach out to you within 6 hours either by phone or email!

  • Q: What services do you offer?…. A: I offer family photography, wedding photography, maternity photography, senior portraits, portrait photography, professional headshots, logo design, and videography.

  • Q: Do you shoot video?… A: Yes! I can shoot video for your wedding, product campaign, or informational video. Email me for quotes.

  • Q: What is your availability for photo sessions?….A: I am available during the week and Saturday from 8am until 7:30pm for photo sessions. Thursday, Friday and Saturday for weddings and event. I am not available on national holidays. I am also not available the week after Christmas or the first week October.

  • Q: Do you travel?… A: Yes! I travel through out Florida and South Georgia. A small traveling fee is applied for traveling outside the central spheres of Southside Jacksonville and St Augustine.

  • Q: Do you have a facebook page or instagram?… A: Yes! facebook page: . Instagram: . me a comment and a review!

  • Q: Can I share my photos on social media?… A: Yes! As long as you tag my Facebook page Tarah Wellington Visuals Art & Photography.

  • Q: Are there perks for referring my friends?…. Yes! Refer a friend and receive 25% off your next family photography session!

About Photo Sessions

  • Q: what does the session fee include?… A: The session fee includes the time we spend together, my travel time within Jacksonville/ St. Augustine, planning, the full resolution digital photos and meeting to select proofs

  • Q: How long is my session?… A: Sessions are 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the session you choose.

  • Q: How do I book a session?… A: To officially book a photo session a deposit of 50% of the session investment must be paid before the intended session to reserve the date and time. Session payment can be made on my website or through a PayPal invoice. No day or time is reserved unless a deposit is paid.

  • Q: what should I wear?… A: I recommend neutral colors for photo session in the city and bright solids for photo sessions in natural environments like the beach or a field.

  • Q: Do you provide hair and make up for photo sessions?… A: Yes! I do upon request. The request for hair and makeup must be made well in advance such as 4 weeks minimum. This is an additional charge to your session fee. You can also provide hair and makeup at your own expense.

  • Q: Can a friend come a long to my photo session?… Yes! A friend can come a long as moral support!

  • Q: what if I have to reschedule or cancel my session?… A: It is possible to reschedule a session for a later date depending on my availability. The previously paid session fee will be used for the rescheduled date. If you completely cancel there is no refund of deposit.

  • Q: What time is the best time for a photo session?… A: as close as possible to sun rise and sunset! I love golden hour! Cloudy days are good too as long as it’s not raining.

  • Q: Can I bring my pet to my photo session?… A: Yes! Friendly pets are welcome! Pets are apart of the family and are counted as members of the family!

  • Q: What do I bring to my photo session?… A: Your Smile! And any accessories you think will improve your photos such as blankets and props.

  • Q: Can I add more people to my family session?… A: Yes! Family friends are welcome to join your photos session at a charge of $15 per person which is added to the session fee. The photographer must be notified of this addition before the photo session.

  • Q: what if I’m late?… A: the photo session starts at the agreed upon time if you are late for example 5 minutes you loose 5 minutes from your session. If you have prior knowledge to the possibility of being late. Please call or email me at least 24 hours before the session to reschedule for a later time or date.

  • Q: How soon can I book a photo session or wedding?…. A: Photo sessions can be booked at a minimum of 3 days before the intended date. Weddings can be booked at a minimum of 30 days before intended date if I am available for that date and time.

  • Q: How Far in advance can I book a photo session or wedding?… A: Photo sessions can be booked 6 months in advance. A wedding can be booked 1.5 years in advance with a 35% nonrefundable deposit.

  • Q: I’ve seen photos online with props. Do you use props?… A: Yes! Upon request!

About Photos and Wall Art

  • Q: how many photos do I receive with my session?… A: 30 to 50 images

  • Q: Are the proof photos edited?… A: No. proofs are for viewing for the purposes of selecting final photos. I do no give away unedited photos.

  • Q: Are the final photos retouched?.. Yes, I correct skin tone, make light beauty adjustments, and apply my color corrections.

  • Q: How and when do I select my proofs?… A: You select your proofs by meeting with me to review the photos from your photo session. Proofs from photo sessions are ready for viewing within 24 hours to 2 days of photos session. Proof selection can be done right after the photo session or scheduled the following day!

  • Q: Who selects the final photos?… A: You Do! You select your final photos from the session proofs.

  • Q: Where do I download my photos?… A: online gallery such as Pass plus and Pixiest.

  • Q: Where can I get prints of my photos?… A: Me! Or from a printer of your choice with print release.

  • Q: Where can I get wall art?… A: Me! I optimize your images for the wall art of you choice.

  • Q: How many revisions do I get for my photos and video?…. A: you are allowed one revision of final photos. After the first revision there is a charge for extra revisions..

  • Q: when do I get my final photos?…. A: final photos from photo sessions are received 14 days after proof selection.

Deposits and Investment

  • Q: Is there a deposit?… A: Yes, the deposit is 50% of the session investment and is non refundable. Time and planning goes into each session before the session. A deposit must be taken so I can reserve your desired time just for you!