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Hussain and Wei's lovely Engagement

Hussain and Wei’s Lovely Engagement


The second part of the photoshoot took place at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, Florida. The botanical garden is home to many plant, flowers and trees. It was a wonderful back drop for Hussain and Wei’s love story to play out in front. Wei’s dress was elegantly complemented by the natural floral all around her. Hussain’s choose a clean classic outfit that made Wei’s dress pop!

I had a wonderful time photographing this couple! They were awesome! I know they have many exciting adventures ahead of them!



Hussain and Wei’s love story began many years ago. On March 31st Hussain opened up a new chapter for him and Wei. Remembrances of their time at UF, First dates, social events with friends and the time they’ve spent apart since UF has brought them to this grand romantic gesture: a proposal!

The proposal took place at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Micanopy, Florida. A top of the prime outlook we stood before the vast expanse of Florida prairie lands. Below us bison braised on grass, birds flew over head, and the sun shined down on us.

The outlook was where Hussain and Wei had their first date. Now they’ve added another exciting experience to the memories they share of the outlook.


Birthday Pineapple Sunrise Before Orlando Improv


birthday drinks





Orlando, Florida

Last weekend was Jackie’s birthday weekend and she made the most of it with her family and friends! We went meet up down in Orlando’s International drive area. The International drive area is bursting with shops, restaurants, and venues. Last night I had a great time at Layafette Music Room while we waited for the Improv show at Orlando Improv to start. Great drink and the possibility of great music!